Doctoral Studies in Applied Art and Design are studio program which belongs to the field of art education studies and contains all the elements prescribed by law. Doctoral studies last 3 years, i.e. 6 semesters (semester has 15 teaching weeks, 30 ECTS credits), or a total of 180 credits.

Doctoral studies are the highest achievment of academic studies. Theoretical courses are extensive and narrowly oriented for further professional development of knowledge and skills obtained in previous academic studies in theoretical, practical knowledge and artistic practice. The contents of this multi-level study deepens and enriches the research and cognitive potential of candidates. The same applies to the work of art, in which priority is given to the outcome of the research, the original idea of ​​the creative spirit of doctoral students.

The ratio of the practical and theoretical work is balanced in ratio 50:50. Theoretical work (theoretical and art objects) is the precise methodical investigation of a certain artistic area or phenomenon, and is presented in a detailed, clear, and specific written part of the PhD project. Realization of practical work PhD project involves a unique, original work of art in the form of exhibitions, video-work, etc. Doctoral studies, through the stages of the formation of the artwork, should be showing a very high level of compliance and the interweaving of theoretical and practical work of art, the so-called artistic practice.

Program of doctoral study is based on specific, sophisticated, unique experiences in the field of art education with the aim of creating an artist who is equally adept at the art and theoretical field. Throughout this program it is ensured a high quality teaching staff as open-minded with original artistic experiences.

PhD student is obliged to pass the exams provided, write a written work, do a doctoral art project, which is presented in an appropriate public gallery space with accompanying catalog and video clips, followed by oral defense of work and artistic project before the competent committee. Professional, academic or scientific title shall be determined by the study program, in accordance with the Ordinance on the list of professional titles, is contained in the Diploma and Diploma Supplement issued by the Department of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design, where the study program is carried out. The Diploma Supplement is contained closer definition of professional, academic or scientific title, adding dashes behind that name and say that the name specifies. Academic, scientific and professional title acquired at the end of study is a Doctor of Art – Applied Art and Design (abbreviated as Dr um.).

The program structure includes compulsory (O) and optional (I)courses that are grouped in the program as: electoral blocks. All courses have a clear, concrete and carefully defined structure in accordance with the standards described in the specification that includes:

  1. Predictable ECTS points
  2. The prerequisites for entry
  3. Objective
  4. The outcome
  5. Content
  6. Literature
  7. The number of weekly hours of active courses taken
  8. The method of teaching
  9. The method of continuous assessment of knowledge


These courses are compulsory for all students:

  1. Poetics of 20th century art 1 and 2
  2. Method and approach
  3. Methods of art research 1 and 2
  4. Exhibition spaces
  5. Theory of art 1 and 2
  6. Research study 1 and 2,
  7. Doctoral art project



Experimental graphic design 1

Set design strategies in classical and new media 1

Integrated design and interior

Theory of creativity 1

Creative design

Digital photography 1


Experimental graphic design 2

Set design – strategy in classic and new media 2

The research process in industrial design

Theory of creativity 2

Reconstruction of buildings – modern approach

Digital photography 2


Experimental graphic design 3

Set design – strategy in the classical and new media 3

Interdisciplinary collaboration in applied design

Digital photography 3


Experimental graphic design 4

Set design-strategies in classical and new media 4

Art and design

New artistic techniques

Digital photography 4

Requirements for admission to the PhD program are:

– Completion of an academic graduate studies in the field of art (300 ECTS) or related programs executed with the equivalence of programs and degrees;

– General average score achieved at graduate level, not less than 8 (eight);

– Estimates of not less than nine (9) at the graduate / final exam.