Basic aim of Megatrend University and the Faculty of Arts and Design is to educate professionals in various areas and contemporary knowledge diffusions. University is developing into modern, European higher education institution, acknowledged for its curricular, scientific and professional achievements of graduate students.

Contemporary quality system is applied on Megatrend University and Faculty of Arts and Design. Faculty of Arts and Design is committed to continuous improvement of all activities, in order to fulfill its mission, efficiently reaching goals of existence and responding to requirements of Megatrend University and society as a whole. Quality system provides framework for diverse elements and processes necessary to achieve the above mentioned aims pursued by Megatrend University and Faculty of Arts and Design.

Quality of educational system is based on the quality of curricular and extracurricular staff and contemporary infrastructure. Every employee is responsible for carrying out quality policy, and administration boards of Faculty and University are responsible of ensuring understanding, application and maintaining of the quality policy. The Quality system motivates innovation in the education, as well as autonomy and responsibility in performing curricular and extracurricular activities.